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PsychSource is your gateway to exploring and using the crucial research published across the British Psychological Society’s 11 journals and extensive books programme, as well as in 32 other key psychology journals, together with multimedia resources.

In addition to being fully searchable (see 'Searching Tips', below), some material is coveniently brought together in 'Collections' – edited selections of content on a single topic. These may be either 'virtual issues' of a single BPS journal title drawing on articles from current and earlier volumes of that journal, or groupings from the entire range of PsychSource content (books, journals and multimedia).

The site also offers a convenient access point to other Society resources supporting research, teaching and practice – The Psycholgist and Digest archives; conference proceedings; archive catalogues, including audio and visual archives; Origins timeline; up-to-date guidelines and policy documents; and much more.

PsychSource is available for everyone to use, but some content is reserved for BPS members. For details click on the 'Access and Eligibility' link below, where there is also information on how to get book discounts. Whether you are a member or non-member you can sign up to make the most of your experience of using PsychSource and other BPS websites.

Discovery Service from EBSCO is available to BPS members only and is an alternative way to access BPS and Wiley journals, as well as EBSCO’s Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection, and many more online resources (find out more). The exclusive entry point for members is via PsychSource (click on the banner on the right-hand side of this page and most other pages).

Visit the BPS main website to find out more about the Society and its work, and and to explore the complete range of services offered to members and the general public.

If you would like to become a member of the Society, take a look at our different membership grades at;

Access and Eligibility

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EBSCO Discovery Service - Click here to find out about unified searching of BPS/Wiley Journals Click here to access (BPS members only)

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