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All material available through PsychSource or EBSCO's Discovery Service is subject to copyright. Users may download and reproduce material only for their own private study. Any copying or distribution beyond this without express permission is a breach of copyright.

All Wiley publications (including BPS Journals and BPS Books

Permissions requests are handled by Wiley.

If you are a signed-in BPS member, you can request permissions for journals content by going to the individual article page in PsychSource. Click on ‘Read full article as HTML’, which will take you to the article in Wiley Online Library, where you can click on the ‘Request Permissions’ link.

In all other cases, email with details of your request.

Other BPS Resources (except EBSCO’s Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection)

Permissions requests are handled by the British Psychological Society.

Email with the details of your request.

Publications available via EBSCO's Discovery Service

Copyright in the journals content belongs to many different publishers. Please contact the relevant publisher with permissions requests.

EBSCO Discovery Service - Click here to find out about unified searching of BPS/Wiley Journals Click here to access (BPS members only)

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