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Available to all site visitors:

  • Article abstracts from the 11 BPS Journals
  • Article abstracts from 32 selected Wiley journals
  • Books
  • Collections (groupings by topic of various types of PsychSource content), excluding full text of articles within collections
  • Multimedia

There are also links to numerous other Society resources supporting research, teaching and practice. Many of these resources are available to everyone, but restrictions apply to some. See Other BPS Resources for more details.

Available to BPS members* once signed-in:

  • Full-text articles in the 11 BPS Journals
  • Full-text articles in 32 selected Wiley journals
  • Book discounts (see below)
  • Collections (groupings by topic of various types of PsychSource content), including full text of articles within collections

plus via Discovery Service:

  • Full-text articles as above
  • Full-text articles from the 500+ journals in EBSCO’s Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection
  • Full-text articles from numerous open-access sources
  • Metadata from thousands of book and journal publishers, and much more.

* Includes Fellows, Associate Fellows, Chartered Members, Graduate Members, and Student Members; does not include any Subscriber grades or those on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use.

Book discounts

BPS members qualify for a 35% discount on books featured on PsychSource, including the BPS Blackwell range. Once you have signed in to PsychSource you can check your discount level and book discount code at any time by clicking on 'My Discount Code' at the top of the screen. Note that prices quoted on PsychSource are the full prices before discounts are applied.

When you click on a book title in PsychSource, you will be taken to the Wiley website where you can find out more about the book and choose to buy it. In order to receive the members discount you need to add in the 5-digit discount code at the checkout level of the shopping cart. All prices on the Wiley website are quoted in full up until checkout, adding the code will apply the discount to your order.

EBSCO Discovery Service - Click here to find out about unified searching of BPS/Wiley Journals Click here to access (BPS members only)

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