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Discovery Service provides access to EBSCO's vast knowledge base within a single search experience.

As well as offering a single search (with advanced options) of our primary full-text journals databases – the BPS/Wiley journal collection and EBSCO's Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection – and the BPS exclusive ebooks collection, Discovery Service also searches:

  • Many premium psychology journal publishers, including Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, Springer, Emerald, etc.
  • Open-access journals databases
  • Subject and institutional repositories
  • Academic catalogues, including Science Direct, ERIC, JSTOR, etc.
  • Many other online sources – biographies, ebooks, conference proceedings, images, magazines, newspapers, videos, and much more.

Search results are ranked according to relevancy and deliver instant access to full-text, whenever available, directly from the results list.

Once logged into Discovery Service, you can sign in to your Personal Account to enable you to save preferences, organise your research into folders, retrieve your search history, and much more. To create or sign in to your Personal Account click on the Sign In (Personal EBSCOhost Account) tab on the Discovery Service home page.

Click here to access Discovery Service

Discovery Service is available to BPS members only. Non–members may use PsychSource to search BPS/Wiley books, journals and multimedia, but members sometimes have a choice between using EDS and PsychSource to search and access material.

NOTE: From July 2017 the service will no longer support Internet Explorer 8.0 or 9.0 because of security risks. To avoid any service interruptions we recommend you update your browser before July 2017. Read more.

When to use Discovery Service

  • Advance searching across the Discovery Service knowledge base (including all BPS and Wiley journals)
  • Access to EBSCO's Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection
  • Access to vast array of publishers' metadata and open–access material.

When to use PsychSource

  • Quick browsing of the 11 BPS journals, 32 other Wiley psychology journals, and BPS Blackwell books
  • Access to special topic–based virtual issues
  • Access to multimedia (podcasts and video abstracts)
  • Access to BPS Blackwell book discounts and purchasing
  • Convenient classified links to 'Other BPS Resources' (e.g. The Psychologist and Research Digest archives, historical resources, guidance and policy documents)

EBSCO Discovery Service - Click here to find out about unified searching of BPS/Wiley Journals Click here to access (BPS members only)

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