Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology

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Volume 29 Issue 5 (September 2019), Pages 353-442

Issue Information (pages 353-354)

  • Published: 03 Sep 2019
  • DOI: 10.1002/casp.2366

Problems in the neighbourhood: Formulating noise complaints across dispute resolution services (pages 355-370)

  • Marc Alexander, Elizabeth Stokoe
  • Published: 12 Jul 2019
  • DOI: 10.1002/casp.2405

“You cannot forgive and you cannot forget”: The Serbian refugee settlement experience in Australia (pages 371-384)

  • Slobodan Bendjo, Wally Karnilowicz, Peter Richard Gill
  • Published: 29 Apr 2019
  • DOI: 10.1002/casp.2406

The social‐psychological bases of far‐right support in Europe and the United States (pages 385-401)

  • Jasper Van Assche, Kristof Dhont, Thomas F. Pettigrew
  • Published: 29 Apr 2019
  • DOI: 10.1002/casp.2407

Developing networks in disempowered communities: Experiencing hardships while focusing on opportunities (pages 402-417)

  • Kimberly Stauss, Brandon A. Jackson, December Maxwell
  • Published: 12 Apr 2019
  • DOI: 10.1002/casp.2408

Economic inequality and the rise of far‐right populism: A social psychological analysis (pages 418-428)

  • Sarah Jay, Anatolia Batruch, Jolanda Jetten, Craig McGarty, Orla T. Muldoon
  • Published: 10 Jul 2019
  • DOI: 10.1002/casp.2409

“I'm a police officer not a social worker or mental health nurse”: Online discourses of exclusion and resistance regarding mental health‐related police work (pages 429-442)

  • Rhiannon Lane
  • Published: 11 Jun 2019
  • DOI: 10.1002/casp.2410

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