Journal of Neuropsychology

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Volume 10 Issue 1 (March 2016), Pages 1-162

Tool use in left brain damage and Alzheimer's disease: What about function and manipulation knowledge? (pages 154-159)

  • Author(s): Christophe Jarry, François Osiurak, Jérémy Besnard, Josselin Baumard, Mathieu Lesourd, Bernard Croisile, Frédérique Etcharry‐Bouyx, Valérie Chauviré, Didier Le Gall
  • Published 13 Jan 2016
  • DOI: 10.1111/jnp.12097

Tool use disorders are usually associated with difficulties in retrieving function and manipulation knowledge. Here, we investigate tool use (Real Tool Use, RTU), function (Functional Association, FA) and manipulation knowledge (Gesture Recognition, GR) in 17 left‐brain‐damaged (LBD) patients and 14 AD patients (Alzheimer disease). LBD group exhibited predicted deficit on RTU but not on FA and GR while AD patients showed deficits on GR and FA with preserved tool use skills. These findings question the role played by function and manipulation knowledge in actual tool use.

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