International Journal of Selection and Assessment

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Volume 23 Issue 2 (June 2015), Pages 99-195

Costs and Benefits of Newcomer Adjustment Tactics (pages 160-173)

Research on information seeking, feedback seeking, and newcomer proactive behavior reveals that employees use various criteria in deciding how to act. This article investigates an integrative framework for such criteria proposed by Cooper‐Thomas and Wilson, comprising three domains (performance, ego, social) and two factors (cost, benefit). Three independent scenario‐based studies were used to test their model. The results supported some propositions of the model, such as the primacy of performance concerns, yet failed to support other propositions, with benefits consistently predominating over costs. Factors that might underlie the contradictory results were systematically controlled for, namely the sample, hypothetical scenario, and initial asset position. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.

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