Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 73 Issue 3 (September 2000), Pages 289-432

Religious commitment and the construal of sources of help for emotional problems (pages 289-301)

Religious commitment as an influence upon seeking help for psychological problems has not received the same level of research attention as variables such as sex, ethnicity and cultural background. The construing of members of a group of committed UK Christians was investigated, regarding their receiving such help from a variety of different helpers, professional and non‐professional, secular and spiritual. Each participant was asked to interpret the factors statistically identified from construct and element relationships in a repertory grid that they had completed. Their commentaries formed the data for a qualitative thematic analysis, which gave rise to four main themes. From these, a tentative model is discussed. Possible implications for the acceptance of service provision by the substantial minority groups of religiouslycommitted people in the UK are considered in the light of this model‐and in the light of the further research that would be needed to establish it.

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