Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 73 Issue 2 (June 2000), Pages 145-288

Editorial: Cognitive analytic therapy: A case study in treatment development (pages 145-150)

A summary of the main literature on cognitive analytic therapy (CAT) is given. Ryle first developed CAT over 20 years ago, and use of the model is increasingly widespread in diverse settings and with various conditions. CAT stands as an example of modern dialogical approaches to therapy, and the underlying theory is consistent with that stance. The developments within training stress self‐reflexive practice and the maintenance of a collaborative approach. In contrast, however, to the rapid development in training and practice the research summarised here is primarily descriptive with a small number of open trials and one randomized controlled study in a physical disorder (Type I diabetes). The urgent need for randomized controlled research in this treatment is highlighted.

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