Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 6 Issue 4 (December 1926), Pages 241-311

REVIEWS (pages 137-149)

Psychology for Nurses. By Mary Chadwick.

Trial of Ronald True. Edited by Donald Carswell.

The Personal Equation. By Louis Berman, M.D.

Psychotherapie, Ein Lehrbuch für Studierende und Arzte. By Dr Max Isserlin

A Text‐Book of Experimental Psychology, Part II, Laboratory Exercises. By C. S. Myers, M.D., F.R.S., and F. C. Bartlett, M.A.

Dreams and Education. By J. C. Hill, M.Sc.

Peculiarities of Behaviour. By Dr Wilhelm Stekel. Translated by Dr James S. Van Teslaar.

Mental Invalids. (The Morison Lectures, Edinburgh, 1925.) By C. C. Easterbrook

The Subconscious Self. Its Relation to Education and Health. By the late Louis Waldstein, M.D.

Mind and Medicine. By Thomas W. Salmon, M.D.

Une Grande Mystique—Madame Bruyère, Abbesse de Solesmes (1845–1909). By Albert Houtin.

The Mental Growth of the Pre‐School Child: A Psychological Outline of Normal Development from Birth to the Sixth Year, including a System of Developmental Diagnosis. By Arnold Gesell

The Psychology of Handwriting. By Robert Saudek.

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