International Journal of Applied Linguistics

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Volume 24 Issue 2 (July 2014), Pages 147-292

Understanding the language of tourism: Tanzanian perspective (pages 147-200)

Different from other languages such as newspeak, journalese and many others, tourism has its own linguistic line. The language of tourism necessitates tourism practitioners and tourists to endlessly learn it. It covers all forms of touristic communication at every stage of journey, safari and stay. This paper seeks to engage in the mediation between expertise about language and the actual language use in the tourism domain and highlights areas that need clear understanding. It not only helps tourism practitioners sell effectively available tourism products and services, and communicate competently with tourists and colleagues in the industry but also government officials in curricula and policy matters. We have found, through ethno‐methodological and textual data, more features of language of tourism through Tanzanian tourism practitioners.

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