Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 4 Issue 4 (December 1924), Pages 273-351

REVIEWS (pages 336-351)

Book reviewed in this article:

Le Cerveau et la Pensée. Par Henri Piéron.

Le Langage et la Pensée. Par Henri Delacroix

Text‐book of Psychiatry. By Prof. Dr Eugen Bleuler.

Medicine, Magic, and Religion. By W. H. R. Rivers, with a Preface by G. Elliot Smith.

The Nervous Patient. By Millais Culpin, M.D. (Lond.), F.R.C.S.

Crime and Insanity. By W. C. Sullivan

Social Aspects of Psycho‐Analysis. Lectures delivered under the auspices of the Sociological Society by Ernest Jones, James Glover, J. C. Flügel, M. D. Eder, Barbara Low and Ella Sharpe.

Women Characters in Richard Wagner. By Louise Brink, Ph.D.

The Nature of Intelligence. By L. L. Thurstone, M.E., Ph.D.

Thirty Years of Psychical Research, being A Treatise on Metapsychics. By Charles Richet, Ph.D.

Psychological Studies of Religious Questions. By J. Cyril Flower, M.A.

The Philosophy of Music. By William Pole, with an Introduction by Edward J. Dent

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