Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 13 Issue 1 (June 1933), Pages 1-88

REVIEWS (pages 82-88)

Book reviewed in this article:

The Evolution of Sex and Intersexual Conditions. By Dr Gregorio Marañón.

An Introduction to Sexual Hygiene. By A. Buschke, M.D. and F. Jacobsohn, M.D.

The Sexual Side of Marriage. By M. J. Exner, M.D.

Schizophrenia (Dementia Praecox). An Investigation of the Most Recent Advances. By The Association for Research in Nervous and Mental Disease.

The Maniac. A Realistic Study of Madness from the Maniac's Point of View. [Anonymous.] 2nd edition. [1st edition 1909.] London: Watts & Co.

Éther, Cocaïne, Hachich, Peyotl et Démence Précoce. Par Docteur André Deschamps.

Neurobiologie de l'hallucination. Par Raoul Mourgue. Lettre‐préface de M. Henri Bergson.

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