Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 16 Issue 3‐4 (July 1937), Pages 165-299

REVIEWS (pages 285-299)

Book reviewed in this article:

An Enquiry into Prognosis in the Neuroses. By T. A. Ross

The Essentials of Psychopathology. By George W. Henry

Child Psychiatry. By Leo Kanner

Intelligence, Concrete and Abstract: A Study in Differential Traits. By W. P. Alexander

Nursery School and Parent Education in Soviet Russia. By Vera Fediaevsky in collaboration with Patty Smith Hill

Conversations with Children. By David and Rosa Katz

The Troublesome Boy. By H. S. Bryan

Friendship‐Love in Adolescence. By N. M. Iovetz‐Tereshchenko

Psychology and Practical Life. By Mary Collins

The Dangers of Being Human. By Edward Glover

Sacrifice to Attis: A Study of Sex and Civilization. By William A. Brend

Lunacy and Mental Deficiency: The 22nd Annual Report of the Board of Control, for the Year 1935

Notes and Comments on the Asylum Officers' Superannuation Act 1909 and Asylums and Certified Institutions (Officers' Pensions) Act 1918. By L. T. Feldon and George Gibson.

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