Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 18 Issue 2 (July 1939), Pages 105-284

REVIEWS (pages 255-283)

Book reviewed in this article:

The Basic Writings of Sigmund Freud. Translated and edited, with an Introduction, by Dr A. A. Brill

Superstition and Society. By Roger Money‐Kyrle

The Neurotic Personality of our Time. By Karen Horney

The Growing Child and its Problems. Edited by Emmanuel Miller

The Human Mind. By Karl A. Menninger

The Generations: A Study of the Cycle of Parents and Children. By Emmanuel Miller

Guiding the Child. By Alfred Adler, M.D.

The Individual Criminal. Vol. i, Cases 1–5. By Ben Karpman

Children's Dreams: An Unexplored Land. By Dr C. W. Kimmins

The Occupational Treatment of Mental Illness. By John Ivison Russell, M.D.

A. R. P. By J. B. S. Haldane, F.R.S.

The Doctor's View of War. Edited by J. Joules

Freud and Marx. A Dialectical Study. By R. Osborn

Sigmund Freud. A Marxian Essay. By Francis H. Bartlett

Race, Sex and Environment. By J. R. de la H. Marett

Social and Psychological Aspects of Education in Taleland. By M. Fortes

British Medical Societies. Edited by Sir D'Arcy Power

Black Hamlet: The Mind of an African Negro Revealed by Psycho‐Analysis. By Wulf Sachs

Sex, Custom and Psychopathology. A Study of South African Pagan Natives. By B. J. F. Laubscher

Reactions of the Human Machine. By John Yerbury Dent

The Sadist. By Karl Berg. Translated by Olga Illner and George Godwin

Peter Kürtin. A Study in Sadism. By George Godwin

The Nineteen Thirty‐eight Mental Measurements Yearbook of the School of Education of Rutgers University. Edited by Oscar K. Buros

Mis‐mated. The Psychology of the Unhappy Marriage. By J. F. Peters

Personality Structure in Schizophrenia. By S. J. Beck

Adventures Before Birth. By Jean Rostand. Translated by Joseph Needham

Hypnosis, its Meaning and Practice. By Eric Cuddon.

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