Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 22 Issue 3‐4 (December 1949), Pages 139-225

REVIEWS (pages 213-220)

Book reviewed in this article:

A Psychiatrist Looks at Tuberculosis. By Eric Wittkower, M.D., with an Introduction by John Rickman, M.D.

Social Biology and Welfare. By Sybil Neville‐Rolfe.

Compulsion and Doubt. By Wilhelm Stekel, M.D. Translated by Emil A. Gutheil, M.D.

The Yearbook of Psychoanalysis, vol. 4. Edited by Sandor Lorand, M.D.

Über Psychische Energetik und das Wesen der Träume. By C. G. Jung.

Problems of Early Infancy. Transactions of the Second Conference, 1–2 March 1948, New York, N.Y. Ed. Milton J. E. Senn, M.D.

Chronic Invalid. A personal Indictment and Testament to Miracle. By Phyllis A. Baxter.

Therapeutic Group Work With Children. By Gisela Konopka.

The Mentally Ill in America. By Albert Deutsch.

Case Histories in Abnormal Psychology. Assembled by Calvin P. Stone.

Modern Methods of Mental Treatment. By Dr J. W. Fisher.

Children with Mental and Physical Handicaps. By J. E. Wallace Wallin.

Report on the International Congress of Mental Health.

The Sherrington Lectures. I. Sensory Integration. By E. D. Adrian.

Probation and Re‐Education. By Elizabeth R. Glover, M.A.

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