Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 25 Issue 4 (December 1952), Pages 169-268

REVIEWS (pages 256-262)

Book reviewed in this article:

The Exploration of the Inner World. By Anton T. Boisen.

Personality and Conflict in Jamaica. By Madeline Kerr.

Occupational Choice: An Approach to a General Theory. By E. I. Ginsberg, Sol. W. Ginsberg, Sidney Axelrad, John L. Herman.

A Survey of Rewards and Punishments in Schools. A Report by the National Foundation for Educational Research based on Researches by M. E. Highfield and A. Pinsent.

The Perception of the Visual World. By J. J. Gibson.

Text‐book of Abnormal Psychology. By Roy M. Dorcus and G. Wilson Shaffer.

Disabled Citizens. By Joan Simeon Clarke.

Individual Differences in Colour Vision. By R. W. Pickford.

Mensch und Welt bei C. G. Jung. By P. Walder.

The Structure of Complex Words. By W. Empson.

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