Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 28 Issue 4 (December 1955), Pages 205-280

REVIEWS (pages 274-279)

Book reviewed in this article:

Mental Health and Human Relations in Industry. Edited by T. M. Ling.

The Psycho‐analytic Study of the Child. Edited by R. S. Eissler

Lobotomy, a Clinical Study. Monograph No. 1, reported by A. Millar.

Psychosurgery and the Self. By Mary Frances Robinson and Walter Freeman.

Die Tests in der klinischen Psychologie. (Test Techniques in Clinical Psychology.) Edited by Erich Stern.

The International Journal on Alcohol and Alcoholism.

Archives of Criminal Psychodynamics.

Bedwetting. By Portia Holman.

Emotions and Bodily Changes (4th edition). By Flanders Dunbar.

The Subnormal Mind (3rd edition). By Sir Cyril Burt.

Treatment in Psychiatry (3rd edition). By Oskar Diethelm.

An Introduction to Physical Methods of Treatment in Psychiatry (3rd edition). By Wm Sargent and Eliot Slater.

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