Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 31 Issue 3‐4 (December 1958), Pages 143-270

REVIEWS (pages 258-269)

Therapeutic Education. By George Devereux.

Psychology of Exceptional Children and Youth. Edited by William M. Cruickshank.

New Developments in Analytical Psychology. By Michael Fordham. Foreword by C. G. Jung.

The Normal Child. By R. S. Illingworth. 2nd edition.

Perceptanalysis—A Fundamentally Re‐Worked, Expanded and Systematized Rorschach Method. By Z. A. Piotrowski.

The People of Ship Street. By Madeline Kerr.

The Analysis of Dreams. By Medard Boss. Translated by Arnold J. Pomerans.

Mastery of Stress. By Daniel H. Funkenstein, Stanley H. King and Margaret E. Drolette.

Great Men: Psychoanalytic Studies. By Edward Hitschmann.

The Legacy of Sigmund Freud. By Jacob A. Arlow.

Theories of Personality. By C. S. Hall and G. Lindzey.

Towards a Measure of Man: The Frontiers of Normal Adjustment. By Paul Halmos.

Mental Health in College and University. By Dana L. Farnsworth.

Mental Health in Home and School. World Federation for Mental Health.

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