Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 36 Issue 1 (March 1963), Pages 1-103

Reviews (pages 95-103)

Book reviewed in this article:

Frustration and Conflict. By Aubrey J. Yates

Mosaic Patterns of American Children. By Louise B. Ames and Frances L. Ilg

Hospitals and Children: A Parents' Eye‐View. By J. Robertson

Contemporary Research in Personality. Edited by Irwin G. Sarason

Psychological Development in Health and Disease. By G. L. Engel

The Phenomena of Depressions. By R. R. Grinker

Deprivation of Maternal Care: A Reassessment of its Effects. Various authors. W.H.O. Public Health Papers

Körperbau und Charakter, 23rd–24th ed. By Ernst Kretschmer

Psychological Practices with the Physically Disabled. Edited by James F. Garnett and Edna S. LevineA Metascientific Study of Psychosomatic Theories and Their Application in Medicine. By Carl Lesche

Psychological Evaluation of the Cerebral Palsied Person. By Robert M. Allen and Thomas W. Jefferson

Perceval's Narrative: A Patient's Account of his Psychosis, 1830–1832. Edited by Gregory Bateson

Fruition of an Idea. By Martin Waugh

Freud: A Critical Re‐evaluation of his Theories. By Reuben Fine

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