Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 37 Issue 3 (September 1964), Pages 185-278

Reviews (pages 273-278)

Psychiatry for Students. By David Stafford‐Clark, with a chapter on ‘Child Psychiatry’ by Gerard Vaughan and an appendix on ‘Clinical Psychology’ by Jessie Williams.

Handbook of Community Psychiatry. Edited by Leopold Bellak, M.D.

Clinical Correlations of Experimental Hypnosis. Compiled and edited by Milton V. Kline.

Psychiatry and Psychology. By H. L. Silverman. Illinois, U.S.A.: Charles C. Thomas. 1963.

Introduction to the Work of Melanie Klein. By Hanna Segal. (16s.). William Heinemann

Emotions and Emotional Disorders. By Ernst Gellhorn and G. N. Loofbourow.

Developmental Dyslexia. By Macdonald Critchley.

Gestalten und Gedariken. By Ernst Kretschmer.

Psychiatry on the College Campus. By Dr H. G. Whittington.

A Study of Brief Psychotherapy. By D. H. Malan.

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