Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 39 Issue 2 (June 1966), Pages 85-179

Reviews (pages 171-179)

Book reviewed in this article:

Normality and Pathology in Childhood. By Anna Freud.

Criminology in Transition. Edited by Tadeusz Grygier, Howard Jones and John Spencer.

Psychotherapy: A Dynamic Approach. By Paul A. Dewald.

Psycho‐analytic Concepts and the Structural Theory. By Jacob A. Arlow and Charles Brenner.

Patterns of Meaning in Psychiatric Patients. By I. M. Marks.

An Introduction to Psychotherapy. By Sidney Tarachow.

Estrangement and Relationship—Experience with Schizophrenics. By Francis A. Mac‐Nab.

Adolescents Out of Step: Their Treatment in a Psychiatric Hospital. By Peter G. S. Beckett.

Research in Behaviour Modification: New Developments and Implications. Edited and introduced by Leonard Krasner and Leonard P. Ullman.

Case Studies in Behaviour Modification. Edited and introduced by Leonard P. Ullman and Leonard Krasner.

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