Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 46 Issue 2 (June 1973), Pages 105-220

Short Book Notices (pages 199-220)

The Analysis of the Self. By Heinz Kohut.

Depression. By Edith Jacobson.

Emotional Growth. Volumes I and II. By Phyllis Greenacre.

Towards Community Mental Health. Edited by John D. Sutherland.

Dependence in Man: a Psychoanalytic Study. By Henri Parens and Leon J. Saul.

The Unconscious Today: Essays in Honor of Max Schur. Edited by Mark Kanzer.

The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child. Volume xxv. Edited by Anna Freud, Ruth S. Eissler, Heinz Hartmann, Marianne Kris, Seymour L. Lustman and others.

The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child. Volume xxvi. Edited by Anna Freud, Ruth S. Eissler, Marianne Kris, Seymour L. Lustman and Albert J. Solnit.

Psychological Types (The Collected Works of C. G. Jung. Volume 6.) A revision by R. F. C. Hull of the translation by H. G. Baynes.

Modern Perspectives in Adolescent Psychiatry, no. 4. Edited by John G. Howells.

Separation‐Individuation: Essays in Honor of Margaret S. Mahler. Edited by John B. McDevitt and Calvin F. Settlage.

Anxiety and Ego Formation in Infancy. By Sylvia Brody and Sidney Axelrad.

Ego Boundaries. By Bernard Landis.

New Horizon for Psychotherapy. Edited by Robert R. Holt.

Human Development. By Eric Rayner.

Non‐Verbal Communication. Edited by Robert A. Hinde.

Decision and Stress. By D. E. Broadbent.

The Social Psychology of the Child with Epilepsy. By Christopher Bagley.

Legal Abortion: the English Experience. By Anthony Hordern.

Patterns of Residential Care. By Roy D. King, Norma V. Raynes and Jack Tizard.

Information Processing in the Nervous System. Edited by K. N. Leibovic.

Disturbed Youth and Ethnic Family Patterns. By Rita F. Stein.

Psychotherapy and the Modification of Abnormal Behaviour. By Hans H. Strupp.

Invention and the Evolution of Ideas. By Donald A. Schon.

Basic Child Psychiatry. By Philip Barker.

Psychotherapy: a Dynamic Approach. By Paul A. Dewald.

Psychology in the Industrial Environment. By M. P. Feldman.

The Therapeutic Play Group. By Mortimer Schiffer.

Prognosis in Paranoid Psychoses. By Nils Retterstöl.

Infantile Autism. By Gerard Bosch. Translated by Derek and Inge Jordan.

Childhood Behaviour and Mental Health. By Michael Shepherd, Bram Oppenheim and Sheila Mitchell.

Adjustment: Models and Mechanisms. By Irving F. Tucker.

Long‐Term Prognosis after Attempted Suicide. By Nils Retterstöl.

Facing Reality. By John C. Eccles.

Psychiatric Disorders in Military Service. By Arne Sund.

The Cognitive Control of Motivation. Edited by Philip G. Zimbardo.

Black Americans and White Racism. Edited by Marcel L. Goldsciimid.

Follow‐up and Classification of Functional Psychoses with Special Reference to Reactive Psychoses. By Kjell Noreik.

Measurement of Man at Work. Edited by W. T. Singleton, J. G. Fox and D. Whitfield.

Biofeedback and Self‐Control, 1970: An Aldine Annual on the Regulation of Bodily Processes and Consciousness. Edited by T. X. Barber, L. V. DiCara, J. Kamiya, N. E. Miller, D. Shapiro and J. Stoyva.

Biofeedback and Self‐Control: An Aldine Reader on the Regulation of Bodily Processes and Consciousness. Edited by Theodore X. Barber, Leo V. DiCara, Joe Kamiya, Neal E. Miller, David Shapiro and Johann Stoyva.

Inquiring Man: the Theory of Personal Constructs. By D. Bannister and Fay Fransella.

The Process of Becoming Ill. By David Robinson.

An Introduction to Abnormal Psychology. By J. E. Orme.

Personality and Hypnosis. By Josephine R. Hilgard.

The Mentally Handicapped Adolescent. By Eileen P. Baranyay.

Clinical Psychology in Industrial Organization. Progress in Clinical Psychology, Volume ix. Edited by Lawrence Edwin Abt and Bernard F. Riess.

Madness and Civilization. Social Science Paperback. By Michel Foucault.

Modern Trends in Drug Dependence and Alcoholism. Edited by Richaard V. Phillipson.

The Schizophrenic Syndrome. An Annual Review. Vol. i, 1971. Edited by Robert Cancro.

Papers from ‘The Criminologist’. Edited by Nigel Morland.

Psychotropic Drug Side Effects. By Richard I. Shader, Alberto DiMascio and Associates.

Psychology in Medicine. By J. E. Orme and F. G. Spear.

Love between Women. By Charlotte Wolff.

The Role of Movement Patterns in Development. By Judith S. Kestenberg.

The Interface between Psychiatry and Anthropology. Edited by Iago Galdston. (Papers by Ludwig von Bertalanffy, G. M. Carstairs, Robert B. Edgerton, Walter Goldschmidt, Seymour S. Kety, E. D. Wittkower and Guy Dubreuil.)

The Manufacture of Madness. By Thomas S. Szasz.

Introduction to Psychotherapy by Hypnosis. By A. Philip Magonet.

Schizophrenia in Children. By J. Louise Despert.

Learning and Sleep: the Theory and Practice of Hypnopaedia. By F. Rubin.

The Object of Morality. By G. J. Warnock.

The Image and the Past. By Bertram D. Lewin.

Models of Human Memory. Edited by Donald A. Norman.

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science. By Karel Lambert and Gordon G. Brittan, Jr.

Psychotherapeutic Attraction. By Arnold P. Goldstein.

A Time to Heal. Corrective Socialization: a Treatment Approach to Childhood Schizophrenia. By William Goldfarb, Irving Mintz and Katherine W. Stroock.

The Interview as Arena. By John D. Davis.

Techniques of Therapy. Science and Psychoanalysis, Volume xviii. Edited by Jules H. Masserman.

The Fundamentals of Sex. By Philip Cauthery and Martin Cole.

Emotion in the Human Face. By Paul Ekman, Wallace V. Friesen and Phoebe Ellsworth.

Drug Abuse and Personality in Young Offenders. By R. Cockett.

Mary Barnes: Two Accounts of a Journey through Madness. By Mary Barnes and Joseph Berke.

Homosexual Behaviour: Therapy and Assessment. By M. P. Feldman and M. J. MacCulloch.

Virgin Wives. By Leonard J. Friedman.

Neurosis in the Ordinary Family. By Anthony Ryle.

Autistic Children. By Raphael Shaberman.

Psychology of Learning and Motivation. Volume 4. Edited by Gordon H. Bower.

Behavior Therapy: Appraisal and Status. Edited by Cyril M. Franks.

Primate Behavior: Developments in Field and Laboratory Research. Volume i. Edited by Leonard A. Rosenblum.

Philosophy, Science, and Method: Essays in Honor of Ernest Nagel. Edited by Sidney Morgenbesser, Patrick Suppes and Morton White.

Performance under Sub‐Optimal Conditions. Edited by P. R. Davis.

Handbook of Sensory Physiology. Volume i. Principles of Receptor Physiology. Edited by W. R. Loewenstein.

Explanation and Meaning: an Introduction to Philosophy. By Daniel M. Taylor.

Not by the Color of Their Skin. By Marjorie McDonald.

Identity: Youth and Crisis. By Erik H. Erikson.

Motor Impairment and Compensatory Education. By P. R. Morris and H. T. A. Whiting.

Morality and Moral Reasoning. Edited by John Casey.

Personality and National Character. By R. Lynn.

Progress in Group and Family Therapy. Edited by Clifford J. Sager and Helen Singer Kaplan.

Human Information Processing: an Introduction to Psychology. By Peter H. Lindsay and Donald A. Norman.

Human Sexual Behavior: a Book of Readings. Edited by Bernhardt Lieberman.

Fact and Fantasy in Freudian Theory. By Paul Kline.

Child Studies Through Fantasy. By Rosalind Gould.

Recollection and Reconstruction and Reconstruction in Psychoanalysis. Kris Study Group, Monograph IV. Edited by Bernard D. Fine, Edward D. Joseph and Herbert F. Waldhorn.

Decisions, Organizations and Society. Edited by F. G. Castles, D. J. Murray and D. C. Potter.

Motivation. Second edition. Edited by Dalbir Bindra Jane Stewart.

Physiology of Color and Pattern Vision. By Koiti Motokawa.

On Being Stoned: a Psychological Study of Marijuana Intoxication. By Charles T. Tart.

The Non‐Medical Use of Drugs.

Visual Perception. By Tom N. Cornsweet.

Humanistic Psychology. By John A. Hammes.

Animal Discrimination Learning. Edited by R. M. Gilbert and N. S. Sutherland.

Behavior Therapy and Beyond. By Arnold A. Lazarus.

Modern Problems of Pharmacopsychiatry, Volume 6: The Role of Drugs in Community Psychiatry. Volume Editor: C. Shagass. Series Editors: F. A. Freyhan, N. Petrilowitsch and P. Pichot.

Existential Man: the Challenge of Psychotherapy. By Richard E. Johnson.

Character Structure and Impulsiveness. By David Kipnis.

Discoveries in Biological Psychiatry. Edited by Frank J. Ayd, Jr and Barry Blackwell.

The Management of Alcoholism. By Bruce Ritson and Christine Hassall.

Case Studies in Schizophrenia. By Clarence G. Schulz and Rose K. Kilgalen.

Changing Patterns in Psychiatric Care. Edited by Theodore Rothman.

Education of the Infant and Young Child. Edited by Victor H. Denenberg.

On Not Being Able to Paint. By Marion Milner.

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science. By D. W. Theobald.

A Guide to the Documentation of Psychology. By C. K. Elliott.

Aversive Conditioning and Learning. Edited by F. Robert Brush.

Beyond Breaking Point. By Peter Deeley.

The Challenge: Despair and Hope in the Conquest of Inner Space. By Rudolf Ekstein.

Ego and Instinct. By Daniel Yankelovicii and William Barrett.

Adolescent Rorschach Responses. Revised edition. By Louise Bates Ames, Ruth W. Métraux and Richard N. Walker.

The Briefer Psychotherapies. By Leonard Small.

Shame and Guilt in Neurosis. By Helen Block Lewis.

Dictionary of Psychology and Related Fields. German/English. By Hugo G. Beigel.

Cognitive Studies. Volume 2. Deficits in Cognition. Edited by Jerome Hellmuth.

Sexuality: a Search for Perspective. Edited by Donald L. Grummon and Andrew M. Barclay.

Biographical Directory of the American Psychiatric Association: 1968. Published for the A.P.A. by R. R. Bowker.

The Search for an Abortionist. By Nancy Howell Lee.

Discussions on Child Development. Volumes i‐iv. Edited by J. M. Tanner and Bärbel Inhelder.

Modern Psychiatric Treatment. By Thomas P. Detre and Henry G. Jarecki.

C. G. Jung: Psychological Reflections. A New Anthology of His Writings, 1905–1961. Selected and edited by Jolande Jacobi.

The Lüscher Colour Test. Translated and edited by Ian A. Scott. Based on the original German text by Dr Max Lüscher.

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