Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 50 Issue 1 (March 1977), Pages 1-111

The multiple techniques approach to behavioural psychotherapy: A retrospective evaluation of effectiveness and an examination of prognostic indicators (pages 45-52)

A retrospective evaluation of the multiple techniques approach to behaviour therapy is described. The effectiveness of the approach seems to compare favourably with a single‐technique approach as far as can be ascertained. The observed improvement can be attributed to some aspect of the treatment package and not to ‘spontaneous remission’ factors. A prospective trial would now seem valuable, providing the problems of replication can be solved. An examination of prognostic indicators reveals a range of variables associated with outcome. Amongst the diagnostic groups, the ‘social phobics’ and ‘anxiety states’ did poorly. A number of general adjustment variables also seemed important, particularly marriage, and social and vocational adjustment. The implications of these findings for the nature and deployment of services are briefly discussed.

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