Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 50 Issue 3 (September 1977), Pages 209-304

Personality correlates of study difficulty and academic performance in university students. I. The Middlesex Hospital Questionnaire and Dynamic Personality Inventory (pages 267-274)

The personality correlates of study difficulty and academic performance in university students have been measured in terms of psychiatric symptomatology and premorbid characteristics. The UCLSQ, MHQ and DPI were administered to two groups of male and female students presenting at an health centre: one (n = 72) of patients seeking psychological help, the other (n = 73) a control group. Significant differences between the two groups were found on the MHQ, confirming previous results; and these were supplemented by differences on the DPI. Motivational and psychoneurotic components of study difficulty were significantly related to MHQ scores in both groups. DPI scores were more closely related to study difficulty in the patients than controls; and served particularly to characterize their sylbism and work satisfaction. The DPI added to the picture of a subgroup of students observed both in an earlier and the present study: academically successful patients scoring high on phobic anxiety.

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