Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 52 Issue 3 (September 1979), Pages 205-299

Contrasting resources in disturbed and non‐disturbed family systems (pages 243-251)

Previous research has shown that problems in family functioning and psychological disturbances in children are closely related. To increase understanding of this complex interaction the present review sets out to make explicit certain aspects of the relationship between child psychopathology and the quality of family life.

The usefulness of the concept of resources for analysing major aspects of family functioning (contextual, intra‐familial and extra‐familial) is discussed within a systems framework and is then applied to a wide range of empirical studies which relate important features of family functioning to disturbed behaviour in children.

It is found that interpersonal conflict in the lives of parents before marriage may severely constrain their own psychological development. When the psychological effects of such early disadvantage are amplified by marital conflict other family members are also affected. The notion of resources requires such disabilities to be assessed as well as directing attention to non‐family interactions which offer compensating supports.

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