Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 52 Issue 4 (December 1979), Pages 301-399

Aspects of the patient intake process in a psychotherapy clinic (pages 309-320)

Recent interest in psychotherapy services in the National Health Service has raised questions regarding the availability of existing psychotherapy facilities. In attempting to answer some of these questions, a study was made of aspects of the referral and assessment segments of the intake process of 180 patients referred in 1975 to the Paddington Centre for Psychotherapy Adult Out‐patient Department. Of this group, 137 were referred for individual psychoanalytically orientated psychotherapy, 82 of whom were offered assessment interviews, 45 offered treatment and 40 actually began treatment during the study period. An additional seven patients originally assessed for group therapy were offered and began individual treatment. Some characteristics of the referral population, the referring agencies, the effects of a waiting list, and the phenomenon of dropouts are discussed and compared with findings from other Centres.

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