Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 53 Issue 2 (June 1980), Pages 95-192

Dissecting the A‐B personality type (pages 181-186)

It is suggested that ‘freneticism’ might be an appropriate name for the type of personality said by Rosenman, Friedman and Jenkins to be at risk from coronary heart disease. In study 1 the measure of this personality type (the JAS) was given a uniform answer format and, as such, was found to give improved reliability. It was administered to a random postal sample of Australians. A short form of 24 items was also produced. In study 2 a similar sample received the 24‐item form and scales to measure achievement motivation, dominance and extraversion. ‘A’ types were found to be very much achievement motivated and dominant. A factor analysis showed these two traits as the main components of the A‐B concept with only a third factor of ‘freneticism’. This factor was measured in a third study which showed that the factor could be used as a scale in its own right.

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