Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 54 Issue 2 (June 1981), Pages 93-201

Assessing feelings reported by depressives in research investigations (pages 99-109)

This paper evaluates four propositions as part of a long‐term investigation of already published data. The aim of the investigation is to see whether there might be self‐reported feelings uniquely related to clinical depression. The propositions are: (i) indices of strength of association are a necessary addition to conventional tests of significance; (ii) the degree of complexity of scales used to rate feelings is quantifiable and can throw light upon research findings; (iii) the form and content of the communication of feelings can largely account for important discrepancies in research findings; and (iv) feelings expressed referentially are weakly associated with clinical depression. The re‐examination of a set of already published data produced a confirmation of propositions (i) and (ii) and partial but constructive negations of propositions (iii) and (iv).

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