Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 59 Issue 2 (June 1986), Pages 113-203

Psychological correlates of the Type A behaviour pattern in coronary angiography patients (pages 141-148)

The convergent validity of two popular self‐report Type A questionnaires (the Jenkins Activity Survey and Framingham Scale), and their association with (1) personality traits related to Type A, (2) affective states and traits, and (3) history of nervous illness, were assessed in a sample of 92 coronary angiography patients. The correlation between the two Type A measures, although significant, was modest. Both Type A measures had strong associations with standard personality traits (neuroticism and trait tension). The Framingham Scale was strongly correlated with distressing psychological states (tension, anxiety and depression) while the JAS showed a lesser association with these measures. The implications of these findings in terms of the convergent validity of the two Type A measures, and the independence of the Type A concept from other personality and emotional variables, are discussed.

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