Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 59 Issue 3 (September 1986), Pages 209-304

Book reviews (pages 295-302)

Fishing for Barracuda: Pragmatics of Brief Systemic Therapy. By Joel S. Bergman.

Advances in Psychosomatic Medicine, vol. 13: Interface between Neurology and Psychiatry. Edited by M. R. Trimble.

Recent Advances in Clinical Psychiatry, vol. 5. Edited by Kenneth Granville‐Grossman.

The Psychology of Schizophrenia. By John Cutting.

The Psychology of Childhood Illness. By Christine Eiser.

Cognitive Experiential Therapy: An Integrative Ego Psychotherapy. By M. L. Weiner.

Repertory Grid Technique and Personal Constructs: Applications in Clinical and Educational Settings. Edited by Nigel Beail.

Clinical Applications of Rational‐Emotive Therapy. Edited by Albert Ellis & Michael E. Bernard.

Behavioural Theories and Treatment of Anxiety. Edited by S. M. Turner.

Management of Chronic Headaches; A Psychological Approach. By E. B. Blanchard & F. Andrasik.

Therapeutic Factors in Group Psychotherapy. By Sidney Bloch & Eric Crouch.

Handbook of Psychiatry, vol. 5: The Scientific Foundations of Psychiatry. Edited by M. Shepherd.

Placebo: Theory, Research, and Mechanisms. Edited by L. White, B. Tursky & G. E. Schwartz.

Keys to Solution in Brief Therapy. By Steve de Shazer.

Psychological Aspects of Early Breast Cancer. By C. Ray & M. Baum.

Behavior and Cancer. By Sandra M. Levy.

Health and Disease: A Reader. Edited by Nick Black, David Boswell, Alistair Gray, Sean Murphy & Jennie Popay.

An Approach to Sharing Ideas in Medical Consultations: Meetings Between Experts. By David Tuckett, Mary Boulton, Coral Olson & Anthony Williams.

Behavioural Medicine: The Biopsychosocial Approach. Edited by N. Scheiderman & J. T. Tapp.

Mental Handicap: A Multidisciplinary Approach. Edited by Michael Craft, Joan Bicknell & Sheila Hollins.

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