Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 61 Issue 3 (September 1988), Pages 209-304

Book reviews (pages 291-301)

Book reviewed in this article:

Women with Cancer: Psychological Perspectives. Edited by. B. L. Anderson.

A Handbook of Clinical Adult Psychology. Edited by S. Lindsay & G. Powell.

Sex Therapy Manual. By P. Gillan.

The Psychotherapy of the Self. By H. L. Muslin & E. R. Val.

A Narrative Textbook of Psychoanalysis. By P. L. Giovacchini.

Clinical Psychology: Research and Developments. Edited by H. Dent.

Living with Your Pain (A Self Help Guide to Managing Pain). By A. Broome & H. Jellicoe.

Counselling Individuals: The Rational–Emotive Approach. By W. Dryden.

Treatment Techniques for Common Mental Disorder. By J. D. Atwood & R. Chester.

Living with AIDS and HIV. By D. Miller.

Psychology in Action: Nursing in the Community. By S. P. Llewelyn & D. R. Trent.

Explorations with Families: Group Analysis and Family Therapy. By R. Skynner. Edited by J. R. Schlapobersky.

Suicide: Clinical and Epidemiological Studies. By B. Barraclough & J. Hughes.

Self, Symptoms and Psychotherapy. Edited by N. Cheshire & H. Thomae.

Cancer Surveys: Advances and Prospects in Clinical, Epidemiological and Laboratory Oncology, vol. 6, No. 3: Psychological Aspects of Cancer. Edited by S. Greer.

Social Skills in Interpersonal Communication, 2nd ed. By O. Hargie, C. Saunders & D. Dickson.

Frontiers of Dynamic Psychotherapy: Essays in Honor of Arlene and Lewis R. Wolberg. Edited by P. Buirski.

Medical Factors and Psychological Disorders: A Handbook for Psychologists. Edited by R. L. Morrison & A. S. Bellack.

Family Art Psychotherapy. A Clinical Guide and Casebook. By H. B. Landgarten.

Childhood Cancer and the Family: Meeting the Challenge of Stress and Support. By M. A. Chesler & O. A. Barbarin.

Stress and Breast Cancer. Edited by C. L. Cooper.

Hypnotherapy: A Practical Handbook. By W. A. Karle & J. H. Boys.

The Freudian Metaphor: Toward Paradigm Change in Psychoanalysis. By D. P. Spence.

The Kohut Seminars on Self‐Psychology and Psychotherapy with Adolescents and Young Adults. Edited by M. Elson.

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