Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 65 Issue 1 (March 1992), Pages 1-88

Organization scores of self and other on the repertory grid (pages 39-45)

Traditional repertory grid studies of construct system organization have assumed that measures of organization derived from the construing of others are equivalent to measures derived from the construing of self. They also have assumed that constructs generated around the construing of others can be used to construe the self. Finally, they have assumed that the self is a unitary concept that does not vary across contexts. This study provides some empirical data on these assumptions by comparing the construction of self and others on repertory grids. Only moderate correlations between the organization of self and others were found on grid measures of construct independence and construct integration. Higher relationships were found on measures of construct system meaningfulness and the constructed use of categories. The implications of these data for repertory grid research are discussed.

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