Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 72 Issue 3 (September 1999), Pages 285-425

A cross‐case comparison of two independent analyses of intake workers' descriptions of the process of assessment for psychotherapy (pages 355-369)

This study compares the analyses by two clinical psychologists of material gathered during research interviews held with 18 intake workers employed by four different institutes for psychotherapy. Each intake worker responded to questions regarding their experiences with two clients during intake interviews for psychotherapy. During the research interviews, the intake workers described their impressions regarding the clients as persons, the course of the encounter with these clients as well as motives for proposing a particular type of treatment. Comparison of the two psychologists' analyses of the original material revealed remarkably similar descriptions of the structure of the intake workers' experiences and of that of their motivation for proposing several types of treatment. In line with contemporary qualitative research practices, the current comparative study may be seen as a form of interpreter triangulation.

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