Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology

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Volume 52 Issue 1 (March 1979), Pages 1-76

An exploration of the relationships between performance feedback interview characteristics and interview outcomes as perceived by managers and subordinates (pages 25-34)

The relationships between five performance feedback characteristics (supportive appraisal behaviour, invitation to participate, participation in goal setting, proportion of time spoken, and criticism) and three criterion measures (satisfaction with feedback interview, motivation to improve, and satisfaction with manager) were studied in an organization. Supportive appraisal behaviour was significantly related to all three criteria as perceived by subordinates (n = 78) and satisfaction with feedback interview as rated by managers (n = 39). Invitation to participate had its most significant effect on subordinate satisfaction with the feedback session. Participation in goal setting was most predictive of a subordinate's motivation to improve. Practical applications of these findings for management development are discussed.

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