Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology

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Volume 52 Issue 1 (March 1979), Pages 1-76

Factors associated with labour turnover among ancillary staff in two London hospitals (pages 1-16)

Three interrelated groups of factors influence labour turnover: economic, organizational and personal. This paper explores the generality of certain previous findings; it examines the relevance of selected variables affecting labour turnover rates of ancillary staff in two hospitals and the complex relationship between turnover and absenteeism. The reported studies are based on data derived from personnel records and an attitude survey. In general the findings corroborate relationships found in other organizational settings; possible methodological weaknesses are identified to account for certain discrepancies. The negative relationship between turnover and absenteeism reinforces conclusions reached in some recent reviews. The need is emphasized for more carefully designed research to examine the interrelationships between labour turnover, absenteeism and job satisfaction.

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