Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology

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Volume 54 Issue 4 (December 1981), Pages 233-310

The measurement of rehabilitation centre social climates (pages 289-297)

It is often claimed that medical and vocational rehabilitation facilities generate psychosocial atmospheres appropriate to their respective rehabilitative functions. But such claims have rarely been formally examined. This study set out to develop scales to measure Employment Rehabilitation Centre (ERC) social climates, and to use those scales to evaluate the extent to which the officially proclaimed aim of creating in ERCs social climates comprising an amalgam of ‘industrial’ and ‘therapeutic’ elements is achieved in practice. This article describes the development of five scales for this purpose from inverse association analysis of an item pool administered to client samples in five centres. It also reports assessments of the psychometric properties of the scales and presents comparisons between ERCs. It concludes that work to date has produced a means of measuring ERC social climates and that application of the scales shows that ERCs vary in the extent to which the broad policy aim of creating environments comprising both ‘industrial’ and ‘therapeutic’ elements is achieved.

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