Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology

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Volume 54 Issue 4 (December 1981), Pages 233-310

Mutual perception of managerial performance and style in multinational subsidiaries (pages 255-263)

The study reports on the stereotypes of their own group and of each other held by local and expatriate managers in 34 American, British and Japanese multinational companies operating in Singapore. The 365 respondents were asked to assess each of the four national groups of managers on 18 items, each consisting of a pair of adjectival antonyms. It was found that the 18 items could be reduced to two principal components explaining about half their total variance, and that the two principal components were consistent between the four national groups of respondents. The two principal components were readily interpretable as relating to performance (functional/dysfunctional) and style (open/closed). The stereotype assessments were reduced to these two dimensions, permitting a discussion of the differences between the autostereotypes and the high and low contact heterostereotypes held by the national groups. Deviations around the group means were used to obtain regressions of the heterostereotype scores against the autostereotype scores. The results support a stereotype projection model, but with each of the principal components being projected independently, and with opposite sign.

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