Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology

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Volume 61 Issue 1 (March 1988), Pages 1-112

A longitudinal study of adjustment to technological change: From mass to computer‐automated batch production (pages 43-66)

Four independent sets of factors were identified from the literature as potentially influencing worker adjustment to technological change: actual job changes experienced on workers' jobs, perceived changes to the jobs, personal factors and management support. Four indices of adjustment were measured: stress/psychological problems, job satisfaction, organizational commitment and perceived quality of life. A longitudinal study of 31 unskilled workers transferring from traditional mass assembly to computer‐automated batch (CAB) production assessed the relationship of the factors to adjustment. The most important set of factors determining adjustment was the actual changes to individual jobs. Implications for studies that examine perceived job changes as well as for the implementation of CAB technology are discussed.

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