Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology

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Volume 61 Issue 2 (June 1988), Pages 113-194

Book reviews (pages 185-193)

Book reviewed in this article:

Educational Responses to Adult Unemployment. By B. Senior & J. Naylor.

Psychology of Work and Employment. By Gordon O'Brien.

Stress and Health: Issues in Research Methodology. Edited by Stan V. Kasl & Cary L. Cooper.

Occupational Health and Safety in Automation and Robotics. Edited by K. Noro.

Pressure at Work: A Survival Guide. By T. Arroba & K. James.

Managing Conflict: Interpersonal Dialogue and Third Party Roles. By Richard E. Walton.

Organizational Transitions: Managing Complex Change. By Richard Beckhard & Reuben T. Harris.

Team Building: Issues and Alternatives. By W. G. Dyer.

Organizational Development: A Normative View. By W. Warner Burke.

The Technology Connection: Strategy and Change in the Information Age. By Marc S. Gerstein.

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