British Journal of Developmental Psychology

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Volume 2 Issue 2 (June 1984), Pages 95-190

The control of training and transfer effects in the Minnesota Spatial Relations and other tasks (pages 113-122)

An experiment was carried out to demonstrate transfer of training in preschool children on tasks where transfer had previously been demonstrated in different populations. No evidence for transfer was found in any of the three tasks employed. The possibility that this finding was due to the lack of appropriate controls for the effects of specific training was examined using three groups to provide base‐lines for the effects of practice, cognitive stimulation and social intervention. No significant differences were found either at post‐test or follow‐up between the specific training group and the control groups. A second experiment controlled for the effects of pre‐testing. It was found that considerable transfer occurred from the pre‐test trial to the first training trial. It appeared that one trial was sufficient to allow subjects to develop a strategy which was appropriate for both the training and transfer materials. Experiments of this type can clearly indicate whether or not some basic processes can be modified by means of short‐term intervention and have implications for inducing longer‐term benefits.

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