British Journal of Developmental Psychology

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Volume 2 Issue 3 (September 1984), Pages 191-286

Mothers and day‐care teachers: Young children's perceptions (pages 251-256)

Young children's perceptions of the roles of mothers and day‐care teachers were explored in a study using artists' sketches depicting a woman and a child in a variety of functions and emotional interactions. Fifty‐seven 5‐year‐old children were interviewed. Twenty‐five of these children were interviewed again approximately 10 days later to measure stability of responses. Young children apparently perceive their mothers and day‐care teachers performing similar caregiving, guidance and developmental functions. Intensity of children's feelings still leans toward mother as the major figure in physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. Thus, the mother‐child bond is apparently not threatened by a quality day‐care experience. Stability measurements demonstrated that the interview procedure was a reliable investigative approach.

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