British Journal of Developmental Psychology

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Volume 13 Issue 4 (November 1995), Pages 321-432

Book reviews (pages 421-432)

Book reviewed in this article:

A Dynamic Systems Approach to Development: Applicatons. Edited by Linda B. Smith & Esther Thelen.

Growing Points in Child Language. Edited by Katharine Perera, Glyn Collis & Brian Richards.

Deafness, Deprivation, and IQ.By Jeffery P. Braden.

Autism and the Development of Mind.By R. P. Hobson.

Infancy, 2nd. ed. By J. Gavin Bremner.

Modelling Growth and Individual Differences in Spatial Tasks. By Hoben Thomas & Arnold Lohaus (with commentary by C. J. Brainerd).

The Birth of Personality: The Development of Independent and Moral Behaviour in Preschool Children. By Eugene V. Subbotsky.

The Social Psychology of Aging: A Cognitive Perspective. By M. W. Pratt & J. E. Norris.

Gender Development. By Susan Golombok & Robyn Fivush

The Lexicon in Acquisition. By Eve V. Clark.

Substance Misuse in Adolescence. Advances in Adolescent Development, vol 7. Edited by T. P. Gullotta, G. R. Adams & R. Montemayor.

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