British Journal of Developmental Psychology

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Volume 15 Issue 1 (March 1997), Pages 1-128

Propulsion: A behavioural expression of masculinity (pages 37-50)

Based upon studies of children's sex‐typed behaviours, it is theorized that a forceful, forward motor behaviour, or propulsion, is an integral component of several masculine sex‐typed behaviours. To test the relation between propulsion and masculinity, a game of tag was designed to elicit propulsion from 3‐ to 5‐year‐old children. In addition, in Study 1, teachers rated children's degree of masculinity and, in Study 2, the masculinity of children's toy preferences was assessed. Results showed a significant relation between propulsion and measures of masculinity. Findings are discussed in terms of the importance of considering motor behaviour in studies of sex typing.

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