British Journal of Developmental Psychology

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Volume 15 Issue 1 (March 1997), Pages 1-128

Book reviews (pages 113-127)

Book reviewed in this article:

The Psychology of Growing Old.By R. Slater.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development of Children.Edited by Peter Barnes.

The Developing Structure of Temperament and Personality from Infancy to Adulthood.Edited by C. F. Halverson Jr, G. A. Kohnstamm & R. P. Martin.

Children's Play in Diverse Cultures.Edited by Jaipaul L. Roopnarine, James E. Johnson & Frank H. Hooper

Problems and Methods in Longitudinal Research: Stability and Change. Edited by D. Magnusson, L. R. Bergman, G. Rudinger & B. Torestad.

Implicit and Explicit Learning of Languages.Edited by N. C. Ellis.

Access to Psychology. By N. Hayes.

Annals of Child Development.Edited by R. Vasta.

New Directions for Equity in Mathematics Education.Edited by Walter G. Secada, Elizabeth Fennema & Lisa Byrd Adajian.

Joint Attention: Its Origins and Role in Development.By C. Moore & P. J. Dunham.

Beyond Adolescence: Problem Behavior and Young Adult Development.By Richard Jessor, John E. Donovan & Frances M. Costa.

Life‐Span Development and Behavior, Vol. 12. Edited by David L. Featherman, Richard M. Lerner & Marion Perlmutter.

Coercion and Punishment in Long‐Term Perspectives.Edited by Joan McCord.

Disclosure Processes in Children and Adolescents.Edited by Ken J. Rotenberg.

Conflict in Child and Adolescent Development.Edited by Carolyn Uhlinger Shantz & Willard W. Hartup

The Depressed Child and Adolescent: Developmental and Clinical Perspectives.Edited by I. M. Goodyer.

Learning to Read: Psychology in the Classroom.Edited by E. Funnell & M. Stuart.

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