British Journal of Social Psychology

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Volume 34 Issue 3 (September 1995), Pages 223-350

Vulnerability to depressive mood reactions: Retesting the hopelessness model of depression (pages 293-302)

A replication of Metalsky, Halberstadt & Abramson's (1987) test of the revised hopelessness model of depression was conducted. Depressive mood response to examination outcome was assessed in undergraduate students across two periods of examination. In phase 1, consistent with Metalsky et al. (1987), examination outcome was the sole predictor of depressive mood response on receipt of exam results. There was no evidence for a delayed mood response five days later. In phase 2, the interaction between attributional style and exam outcome was predictive of depressive mood response on receipt of exam results. Taken together, the results provide support for the diathesis‐stress and specific vulnerability components of the model with respect to immediate mood response. No support was found for the causal mediation component. Differences between recently published studies are reported and implications for the model discussed.

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