Behavioral Interventions

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Volume 8 Issue 4 (October 1993), Pages fmi-fmi, 227-288

Ten‐year follow‐up of a successful treatment of self‐injurious behavior (pages 263-280)


Ten years ago, self‐injurious behavior that produced blindness in a man with profound mental retardation was treated through behavioral intervention. This person's behavioral history was reviewed for 12 years prior to the intervention through examination of his clinical record and for 10 years following the intervention through examination of his clinical record, direct observation, and interviews with staff. Physical injury occurred only once in the last 46 months; physical restraint has not been used in 10 years; and for the past 9 years, no more than one medication has been prescribed for the control of behavior or seizures. Suggestions are presented for designing behavioral interventions at the beginning of treatment to maintain reductions in behavior.

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