Behavioral Interventions

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Volume 9 Issue 1 (January 1994), Pages fmi-fmi, 1-73

Provision of leisure activities for the reduction of challenging behavior (pages 43-53)


Behavioral treatment of challenging behaviors, such as aggression, self‐injury, property destruction, and stereotyped movement is often a priority in residential facilities for persons with developmental disabilities. If these behaviors occur when the client is otherwise unengaged, a potentially effective treatment may be to provide alternative activities. In the present study, 3 adults with severe disabilities were observed. During baseline, these 3 individuals frequently displayed challenging behavior at times when they were otherwise unengaged. Opportunities to participate in leisure activities were then provided to each client in a multiple‐baseline design. Provision of leisure opportunities was associated with increased adaptive behavior and collateral reductions in problem behaviors. The effectiveness of the intervention procedures suggest that these challenging behaviors may have been related to the lack of alternative activities.

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