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Volume 10 Issue 4 (August 1956), Pages 319-416

REVIEWS (pages 391-415)

Book Reviewed in this article:

Higher Learning in Britain. george F. kneller.

The Revolution in Philosophy. a. j. ayer, w. c. kneale, g. a. paul, d. f. pears, p. f. strawson, g. j. warnock, r. a. wollheim, gilbert ryle.

Contemporary Philosophy. frederick copleston, s. j.

D. H. Lawrence: Selected Literary Criticism, ed.anthony beal.

Interpretations: Essays on Twelve English Poems, ed.john wain.

The World of Odysseus. m. i. finley.

Commonwealth Universities Yearbook 1956. Association of Universities of the British Commonwealth

The Marble Threshing Floor: Studies in Modern Greek Poetry. philip sherrard.

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