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Volume 44 Issue 3 (July 1990), Pages 191-290

Doubling Student Numbers — What are the Prospects? (pages 215-229)


This article looks at the feasibility of doubling the number of first degree students in the UK and considers the likely patterns of change in the 1990s. It looks at the changing policy towards higher education in the UK, and provides an analysis of the types of students entering degree courses. It then looks at the past expansion of higher education and degree courses. An overview is then given of what happens to these students when they graduate in terms of employment and other destinations. Consideration is given to the likely trends in the supply and demand for graduates in the 1990s. The types of changes an academic performance and participation which would be needed to double student numbers over the next 25 years are next reviewed using a model developed by the IMS. Conclusions are drawn about the likely changing balance of supply and demand in the 1990s.

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